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Who Are We and Why Choose Us?

AXI Engineering was founded in late 2019, by two brothers in the Swansea Valley.

We are a team of super passionate Machinists with a Vision.

Our Vision is a Super Clean, Super Organised and Flawless Operation.

We pay close attention to even the smallest of details in every aspect of what we do, from our documentation, appearance, machines and our work.

We respect that Confidentiality is a key concern to a lot of our customers, Because of this, We have strict measures in place to ensure the security of our operation.

All confidential Documents are kept behind lock and key unless needed and are never left unsupervised, not only this but we don’t allow ‘walk in’s’, and all customer visits are by appointment only. We do this to allow our customers to have peace of mind, knowing their business is in good hands.

We appreciate all opportunities to establish relationships with other businesses, organisations or individuals, If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we are here to help.

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