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Particle OUR VISION It is our vision to Excel British Manufacturing
by working closely with our customers during every stage of production
to increase quality, shorten lead times,
and most importantly, provide accurate, beautiful and consistent components.

WE are YOUR manufacturing partner.

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About Us

AXI Engineering was born from our passion for engineering, We are a Precision CNC Machine shop.

With a background consisting of General Machining, Automation and Fabricating/Welding, we are well adapted to meeting our customers needs.

We take pride in working with our customers closely, meeting their requirements and exceeding their high quality standards, we understand that our customers require the absolute best of quality and service so they can excel at what they do best.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are constantly investing and trialing new tooling and technology to continuously reduce cycle times and maximise our capacity.
  • We have a highly organised operation that allows us to work effortlessly with little distraction. Organisation is a small yet crucial element that allows us to work at our optimum speed with complete control.
  • We treat our customers as one of our own, we try to be as transparent as possible and allow the customers to tailor their experience with us to suit them, this can be hugely beneficial to our customers who require short lead times and/or would prefer to have their input on the machining process, on the other hand though, we will create and execute our own process, leaving our customers in confidence that they will be receiving the absolute best components while they concentrate on what they do best.

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